Who is PandaDoc owned by?

PandaDoc is a document automation software as a service with integrated electronic signatures, workflow management and document generator. Integration with third-party business applications is a common feature among electronic signature solutions and, in this area, PandaDoc integrations offer a solid offering. PandaDoc is bucking this trend by offering unlimited document signatures, making its free offering one of the best on the market. It is not possible to configure documents for electronic signatures in the mobile application, but you can sign the documents that are sent to you as long as they have been imported to PandaDoc through its desktop version.

PandaDoc presents its platform to sales organizations and other people involved in the sales process, such as business development managers, but its capabilities apply to companies of any size that are looking for software to streamline document management processes. The rival electronic signature software addresses some aspects of document management, but PandaDoc tries to do everything, specifically focusing its positioning on sales teams. While PandaDoc's extensive features are beneficial, the platform is overrated for organizations that want an easy way to capture signatures electronically. The PandaDoc interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate the platform and perform basic electronic signature tasks.

CRM software is frequently used by sales teams, and PandaDoc allows you to connect the most popular CRM providers to streamline document workflows. We'll review the key capabilities and highlight the features that make PandaDoc a powerful platform. Like other areas of the platform, PandaDoc offers a wealth of capabilities for tracking documents at a detailed level. PandaDoc extends this concept by addressing the entire document workflow, from the creation to the collection of payments from customers.

PandaDoc's approach as a comprehensive document management platform sets it apart in the electronic signature market. PandaDoc's e-signature capabilities are robust, and its features go beyond digital signatures to help you create attractive documents. PandaDoc allows you to create visually stunning interactive documents through functions such as the possibility of inserting multimedia content. PandaDoc uses a function called variables to automatically fill in the same information required in different places in a document, such as the name of a customer.

PandaDoc's document configuration process allows you to mark signature fields and insert price tables, videos, and other content.

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