The Best Free App for Signing Documents: A Comprehensive Guide

Signing documents is an essential part of any business or professional process. It's important to find the right document signing application that meets your needs and is legally binding. In this article, we'll explore the best free app for signing documents and how to choose the right one for you.

Signaturely is a document signing application that makes it easy to digitally sign documents. With Signaturely, you can effortlessly upload documents and get them signed electronically. The document editor allows you to add your electronic signature, which can be drawn or written. Signaturely's free plan allows you to upload and digitally sign as many documents as you want, and request signatures from contracting parties on three documents per month.

Concord is contract management software that helps organizations streamline document workflows. With the application, companies can upload documents, add electronic signatures and request signatures from contracting parties. Concord has excellent security features that protect the platform, software, your account and document procedures. Concord no longer has a free plan, but they do have a free trial.

DigiSigner is a cloud-based electronic signature service that makes it easy for companies to sign documents online. You can upload a signature and documents through a secure server and sign them electronically using text or drawing. All electronic signatures made with DigiSigner are legally binding; DigiSigner complies with all regulations. These signatures can be recognized in court. DigiSigner's free plan allows a single user to request signatures for up to three documents per month, but does not include access to templates, custom brands, or unlimited monthly requests.

SignWell is one of the best electronic signature software solutions available today. With it, companies can streamline their document workflows, saving time, effort and money. Documents can be uploaded, signed electronically and sent to contracting parties for signature. All SignWell electronic signatures are 100% legally binding. An audit log ensures that a legal record is maintained. If you use the same documents a lot, you can create templates to save time. SignWell's free plan allows a user to upload and sign documents electronically with one template and three document signing requests per month.

Eversign is a popular digital signature software that streamlines document workflows for organizations. You can upload documents, add your electronic signature, assign the required signatures to the contracting parties and request them. After completing your documents, you can securely save them to your Eversign account, where they can be exported or deleted. All electronic signatures made with Eversign are 100% legally binding. Eversign's free plan allows you to upload and sign as many documents as you want but limits you to requesting the signature of five documents per month without access to any templates.

Mifiel is an electronic signature tool that allows your team to sign and process digital documents. With the application, you can create, prepare and send documents requesting signatures from contracting parties. Mifiel manages your digital documents so you can add and remove signers as you see fit. This can be done in a matter of seconds and is updated in real time. Mifiel integrates effortlessly with your processes and has a mobile application. Mifiel's free plan allows you to request and manage signatures providing unlimited signature requests.

All electronically signed documents comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring their legally binding nature. Not only can you create legally binding digital documents, but you can also request signatures for them. Contracting parties are sent emails requesting their digital signature. Thanks to Pandadoc, the signature request process is simplified, saving time and effort.

PandaDoc tracks your documents so you can control who has signed and who hasn't. The robust reporting feature tracks participation and provides real-time alerts to see what's working. PandaDoc's free plan allows you to upload and sign as many documents as you want without restrictions; you can also request unlimited electronic signatures for the documents you create.

We consider ourselves one of the best alternatives to PandaDoc. SignRequest is a document signing application that allows you to sign documents online, replacing pen, paper and scanning. With this tool, you can create legally binding electronic signatures that can be added to contracts and agreements. The easy-to-use interface saves your organization time and resources which translates into more productive employees and greater operational efficiency.

SignRequest is also environmentally sustainable as it plants a tree for every paid product license. You can sign a document online for free using a document signing application with a free plan such as Signaturely; it allows you to upload as many documents as you want which you can sign digitally.

In the United States, the ESIGN Act makes electronic signatures valid; they are accepted in more than 180 countries around the world. Many of the applications on this list including CocoSign and DocuSign support digital signatures; all connections made to CocoSign are secure following 256-bit SSL encryption while records are also protected at a high level of protection.

The service is PDI DSS certified; your data is secure during transport while your signature is kept safe from being hacked or copied; CocoSign complies with all relevant standards such as GDPR HIPAA and CFR; it can be used for business or other professional purposes in more than 180 countries around the world.

DocuSign is the big shot in the world of electronic signature applications; it has more than 200000 users and has long been the most popular electronic signature solution in existence; it has a strong reputation and is available for Windows Android and iOS.

While DocuSign has long been at the forefront of online document signing other solutions are quickly catching up even surpassing this company; DocuSign still of course an excellent solution but it's not always the best solution; DocuSign offers many of the same features as CocoSign and is just as easy to use.

It has a mobile application and several advanced features however the free version does not include access to templates custom brands or unlimited monthly requests.


The best free app for signing documents depends on your needs; if you need an unlimited number of document signing requests then Signaturely may be your best option; if you need access to templates then SignWell may be better suited for your needs; if security is important then CocoSign may be what you're looking for.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right document signing application doesn't have to be difficult; there are plenty of options available depending on your needs; make sure that whatever app you choose meets all legal requirements so that your electronically signed documents are legally binding.

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