Is PandaDoc Legitimate? A Comprehensive Guide to the Security of the Platform

Are you considering using PandaDoc for your business operations? If so, you may be wondering if it is a legitimate platform. The answer is yes! PandaDoc is a secure and certified platform that meets the legal and privacy requirements of countries around the world, including the United States, China, and Europe. Its services are hosted on Amazon Web Services, one of the leading providers of cloud-based technology.

PandaDoc uses bank-level AES-256 encryption with a secure key management system that most banking and financial institutions, as well as government agencies, use for their web applications. Credit card details are not stored, and payments are processed through a PCI DSS Tier 1 provider.

The platform offers a free design feature that allows users to electronically sign an unlimited number of digital documents. It is an invaluable tool for managing paper documents more efficiently by using PDF documents and other digital formats. PandaDoc also provides CRM integrations, custom templates, a content library, approval workloads, and electronic signatures.

All signatures are stored on high-security servers and fully comply with current legislation. The company offers in-person, live online training services for new users, webinars, and documentation.

PandaDoc is designed so that every user can regain control of their documents at any time and from anywhere. With its electronic signatures, the entire approval process is much faster and saves you a lot on shipping costs. All of PandaDoc's tools make this document management application a complete platform needed to carry out business operations smoothly.

Sophia Walker
Sophia Walker

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