Is PandaDoc a Better Option than DocuSign?

When it comes to electronic signatures, DocuSign is one of the leading solutions in the market. However, PandaDoc has been gaining a lot of ground recently and is becoming a viable alternative. Both solutions offer a range of features, but they have some differences that make PandaDoc a better option for sales teams.

Price-wise, PandaDoc's paid plans are slightly more expensive than those offered by DocuSign. Both solutions offer a 15 to 35% discount for the initial purchase of an annual plan. However, PandaDoc is still more affordable than DocuSign overall.

PandaDoc offers more specific sales functions than DocuSign, which focuses more on document editing. It also provides an analysis of the recipients, so you can see how potential customers interact with the different pieces of content and which ones work better than others.

PandaDoc also has features designed specifically for sales teams that are not found in DocuSign. For example, you can create or import your price catalog and generate dynamic quotes with interactive fields such as editable quantities, multiple-choice options and more. Your customers can even pay for their quote with a credit card if they sign up with our Stripe integration.

In terms of resources, both PandaDoc and DocuSign offer a resource center, user forums, and customer support via email and online chat. However, PandaDoc's selection of on-demand courses is somewhat limited compared to DocuSign University, which includes dozens of lessons in several languages.

Overall, if you need an alternative to DocuSign to generate quotes and budgets, PandaDoc is the best option. It offers more specific sales functions and analytics that allow you to track the recipient's behavior when interacting with your documents. True to its focus on the user, PandaDoc has more features that make it a better option for sales teams.

Sophia Walker
Sophia Walker

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