Can You Use PandaDoc for Free? A Comprehensive Guide

PandaDoc is a comprehensive document workflow solution that offers a range of features for sales professionals and organizations with complex document workflows. It provides pre-designed templates and branding, real-time audit logs, and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect sensitive documents. In addition, PandaDoc offers a free trial version that allows you to send as many documents as you want and access documents stored from the DocuSign library.

The Business and Enterprise plans of PandaDoc come with custom branding for documents and emails. It also has a “version history” feature that allows you to view previous versions of documents, templates, and content library items. Moreover, PandaDoc attaches an audit log to each document that you can view even before it is completed.

The valuable document workflow features offered by PandaDoc include real-time notifications, different signing capabilities, integrations, and an API. Recipients can sign documents on any device without needing a PandaDoc account. Additionally, it offers some advanced features such as recipient analysis that are not found in competing software solutions.

Overall, PandaDoc is an ideal solution for sales professionals and any organization that has a more complex document workflow. Its plans are comparable, if not better, than those of most of its competitors, from Docsketch to DocuSign.

Sophia Walker
Sophia Walker

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