Can I Use PandaDoc for Free? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for an electronic signature program that covers the basics? PandaDoc is an intuitive and easy to use option that offers a free e-signature plan and 3 paid plans for e-signing and document automation. Many customers we interviewed, including David Gail from Anura and Andy from The House Guys, chose PandaDoc over other more expensive solutions, such as DocuSign, due to the free plan.

If you're interested in testing the software, you can start with the free plan and upgrade to a higher plan at any time to access more features. All plans above the free plan have unlimited document delivery. David Gail from Anura recommends that, if you use your own templates, you learn to create them from scratch completely in PandaDoc. The editor is intuitive and efficient, but limited when it comes to style customizations.

By using PandaDoc, your documents can be tracked, are completely secure within your platform, and can only be signed by people you provide access to. It includes a wide range of features and allows you to choose a plan that fits your personal needs. Customers recommend using the trial period to better understand how to create and edit templates before purchasing PandaDoc.

With PandaDoc, you can take full control of your documents, know exactly where they are, who has accessed them and even see what happens when you send them. It simplifies the process of signing any business document, from dog-walking services to business-level contracts, even for those who work remotely. Chris Post from 2M Locating mentioned that it's difficult to be creative when using the standard PandaDoc editor as it doesn't offer direct support for CSS.

PandaDoc integrates with most major CRM, storage and payment solutions, allowing you to create professional documents quickly and collect payments from within the documents sent. By using PandaDoc for electronic signatures, you now have the ability to track when your customer has seen your document, see when it expires and send it back to the customer if they need a reminder. You can also upload and create your own templates or choose from a library of more than 450 pre-designed templates.

Sophia Walker
Sophia Walker

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